Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 New Design Amusement Park Playground Equipment

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd, Our Products have more unique design, features Diverse, beautiful and novel shape, etc., has won widespread praise.
Popular Outdoor Children Playground with Slide
With the ability to upgrade production technology, brand management and optimization of our business performance increased year after year, domestic customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hunan and other places ...... for more than 2,000 kindergartens, residential property, parks, shopping malls, and so provide a good product. Foreign customers around the world, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, Spain, Sudan, Australia and so on.
Our 2016 new design outdoor playground slides series more than a dozen series, has Straw House, Fruitful Monkey, Jungle Adventure, Shining Dream, Dream Sail, Outer Space, Space series, Tropical Rainforest, Magic Tree House, Happy Castle, Animal Land, Pirate Ship and Classic Playground. Unique style, Superior quality, product details into the website www.cnamusementpark.com,we can provide more children playground.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Parent-child interaction Water park Equipment

Summer vacation is coming, bring your child to the water park play together! Water Park Equipment it can make you feel cool in the hot summer atmosphere.The most Common water play equipment are mainly a combination of water park slides, swirling water slides towering, big horn slides, a large spiral slide, rainbow slides competition, U-shaped Wave pendulum slides, tube slides sled. Common facilities Water park sprinkler water main bud, water pencils, water mushroom, frog slide, swimming Gun, bathing seesaw, water digital toys, water crocodiles, water hippocampus, apple house, water color column, spray whale, water kangaroos, water Shells, rainbow slides, crab spray composition, water dolphins, lotus fountain, water sports equipment and so on.
Water Park Equipment Suppliers
We offer a parent-child interactive water play equipment not only beautiful, but also highly interactive. It can narrow the distance between parents and children. This water play equipment can be placed in some public places such as water parks, swimming pools, kindergartens, residential, large squares, amusement parks,ect.
If you want to know more details of water park equipment,please click our website: www.cnamusementpark.com ,also you can contact us directly.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

About Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recration Equipment Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd, is a concentrate development, production, design, sales, Installation and service integrated Industrial enterprises. We have independent research, production and sales team, more than 500 employees. Our company has more than 30 years of development, now we are industry leader of China children's play equipment.
Outdoor Inflatable Bouncer With Slide Children Soft Castle
Our company's existing products include: Outdoor Children Amusement Park Playground Equipment, Indoor Playground Equipment, Water Park Equipment, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Outdoor Climbing Structure Playground, Kids Small Full Plastic Playground Equipment nursery facilities, safely playground rubber, EPDM rubber sports ground and runways, also we can design for customers, "tailored" for supporting the design, installation and other services relating to development activities.
We are always focus on improving our own R & D capabilities, hire a domestic first-class professional designers and senior technical adviser, Dr. child psychology, Early childhood education experts as consultants. Enterprises bear a workshop to strengthen the intellectual property developed brother force, a number of products and technologies designed to give industry recognition and customer appreciation. When we look back on the course of development, joy and pride, when we look to the future, long way to go. We will work harder to produce the best children playground equipment!
More about our products, please visit our website, there is definitely what you want! www.cnamusementpark.com.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

China High Quality Children Play Equipment Supplier

Guangzhou Happy Island Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co.,Ltd, has many years of professional experience in the area of foreign trade export of indoor and outdoor playground. We have an excellent experienced team with full of energy and innovative thinking .We have a common ideal to create happy paradise for children.
Big Colorful Children Playground Equipment
We have been producing best children's playg equipment, And to provide the best quality service for customer.
  1. Outdoor playground equipment,outdoor playground slide,children play sets,large playground equipment,full plastic playground for toddler.
  2. Indoor playground equipment,naughty castle,plastic toys, kids soft play equipment.
  3. Water park equipment, water slide, inflatable water slide.
  4. Outdoor fitness equipment,gym fitness equipment,outdoor gym equipment.
4.Outdoor climbing rocking equipment,swing,sea saw,rocking ride,electric toys.
5.Park or garden leisure bench, trash can.
6.Pre-school facility, kindergarten facility, kids desks, tables, beds, storage cabinet.
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

About Outdoor play equipment production technology

Our china happy island-childhood dream children’s playground manufacturer, use of large equipment manufacturing process, the company has advanced and complete production equipment, also has a professional staff. And further development, introducing and absorbing advanced manufacturing technology. A series of steps to set up a special mode of control points is controlled based on scientific and efficient operation, we have been able to ensure the production of quality products. Especially for outdoor and indoor slide and drill barrel production: by the South Korean imports of food-grade plastic, through advanced vacuum casting made of Rotational molding.
China Outdoor Kids Playground Equipment Supplier
The company has introduced advanced equipment and technology strength. Now the company has a unique industry young design team, to design a classic or modern amusement products for our customers tailor-made.
As South China's largest manufacturer of amusement, we always welcome your visit to our factory, we will provide you hot sale amusement park equipment,outdoor playground equipment and park outdoor exercise equipment. Looking forward you visit cnamusementpark.
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

China Professional Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. Under the Guangzhou Happy Island Sports Design Limited. The company began to develop from the 1980s, from the initial small processing plants, and now as a leader to lead the industry, and obtained SASO, CE, TUV, WSCT and many other international certificates. We continue to refine and improve the process, strict control of each production processes, quality of our products do not fade, long life cycle, can withstand high and low temperatures. We produce each product are rigorously tested, absolute security and environmental protection.
Colorful Multi-lane Fiberglass Water Slides
We produce a variety of water slide,outdoor playground equipment and water park equipment. We now produce it outside the series of slides pirate ship, robot, cartoon animals, forest style, marine life style, wooden slides, plastic slides for small children, a large playground and so on. about the amusement play equipment only you can't think of, no we can't do.
If you want to know about our products of children playground, please call the following phone or send inquiry, we will get back to you with the fastest speed.
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Island-Childhood Dream-Focused On Being Best Children Rectionequipment Supplier In China

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. We are the South China's largest integrated large-scale leading toy manufacturer, specializing in the production of children's play facilities, fitness equipment, kindergarten teaching facilities, children's naughty Fort recreational facilities and a large water play product. Our clients are other public places in kindergarten pre-school, residential area, fitness clubs, parks, shopping malls, home gardens and the like.
Toddlers Play Samll Full Plastic Playground
From the 1980s to the present, through continuous R & D and innovation, and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, we have great progress, and now our products have a distinctive technology and features, but also made more than a dozen patent certificate.
Our customers around the world, and many real estate and domestic well-known enterprises to establish a long-term cooperation, there are tens of thousands Kindergartens use of our products, our aim is to "Spreading happiness, Building future ".
Should any of items of interest to you. Please let us know. We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt your detailed requirements. Never keep you waiting: Your inquiry will be replied in 24hours. More children playground product, you can access cnamusementpark.
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